“Aperture” is the third single from the forthcoming Nalepa – Thoughtforms LP. A roving math-injected vanishing-point adhering to multivarious visibility planes which overlap/overflow via wrinkles between seamless natural colormode timestamps up and down the stack; from pollen to perfumes to point-clouds, reaching through far-away looks into the wider scenography captured by algorithmic crawls and swerves, carving paths through open-source gigapixel imagery in the flux of astral apertures.

Californian polymath Steve Nalepa is known for his vast and eclectic array of artistic collaborators, a key node in the electronic music scene cultivated through years of creating music and producing events. He releases music and tours with his bands The Acid (Infectious/Mute) and Airspace (Mute). Nalepa is a founding member of esteemed beat collective TeamSupreme, he has published award-winning art books through the self-launched Dilettante Press, scored several feature-length documentary films and devised/engineered Ableton Live rigs for such acts as Blood Orange, Nick Murphy, Drake and The Weeknd.

Laskfar Vortok is an interMedia composer / telePresent videomaker. Born in México; digitized-manifestation is actualized in Internet.
• Website: http://bildwissenschaft.vortok.info/
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/LaSkFaRvOrToK
• Insta: https://instagram.com/infotorium
• bandcamp: https://vortok.bandcamp.com/