Black|Box|Echo utilizes customized analog video processors to illuminate visionary, prophetic text by Carmen Hermosillo (aka HumDog) from 1994 for the “Materialization” video.

Zak Norman is a British visual artist and stage designer who operates under the pseudonym of Black|Box|Echo. Along with his own pieces, he has collaborated with musicians such as Squarepusher, Bicep, Scuba and Africa Express on set pieces and touring productions. Californian polymath Steve Nalepa is known for his vast and eclectic array of artistic collaborators. He produces solo and collaborative work under the moniker Nalepa, creates audiovisual works with the project Airspace, and releases music and tours with his bandmates The Acid (Infectious/Mute). The pair recently performed an audiovisual set together at Moogfest 2019.