I am available for private tutoring, in person in Los Angeles or over Skype if you live elsewhere. I’ve worked with musicians and producers of all skill levels, from complete beginners to Grammy winners and everything in between, in all styles and genres. If you are looking to improve your productions or are searching for new techniques and creative ideas, I can help. Contact me. Please include a description of what you are looking to accomplish, and I will respond with my rate and availability and we can schedule a session.



“Steve Nalepa is something of an anomaly in the music industry. The seeds of his success stem from a genuine selfless dedication to helping others achieve their personal best. He’s tutored thousands on the fine points of production in his Dubspot tutorials and his courses at the prestigious Chapman Conservatory of Music have incubated a hot bed of West Coast talent, helping artists such as Djemba Djemba and members of LA-based Team Supreme, develop into internationally recognised exports. Steve has also been a behind-the-scenes gun for hire, running the complex back-end systems that help some of the world’s biggest artists perform supersized live sets across the globe.”



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“All apologies to Mr. Holland, but our opuses have gone electronic. Orchestras still abound, but the most groundbreaking compositions often are created with computer and keyboard. And within Southern California, Steve Nalepa may be the closest approximation to Richard Dreyfuss’ famed music teacher in the Academy Award-nominated 1995 film Mr. Holland’s Opus.”

LA Weekly