“This study is part of an ongoing body of work looking at feedback loops in perception. The starting point was human tri-chromatic vision: our eye’s sensitivity to red, green and blue wavelengths of light. Because of this we design digital screens with red, green and blue light diodes and digital cameras with red, green and blue filter arrays, creating a feedback loop between humans and technology.

The film is devoid of realism, rather creating a lens into the components of light itself – inspired by the notion that a huge percentage of reality consists of what we cannot observe and only see in our minds eye.”

Ben Kreukniet is an artist and artistic director who works across areas of art, architecture and audio-visual performance.

His process is multi-disciplinary – working with a network of makers and technologists to realize personal and commissioned work for museums and galleries, fashion, public space and live performance.

His work uses sound, light, moving image and technology to reflect and reveal the systems that shape human experience.

Before starting his solo practice in 2016, Ben co-directed United Visual Artists, overseeing design and development across the studio’s artistic and performative practice.